Field Notes

Field Notes

So Small and So Hungry…

So small and hungry! #spongymoth caterpillars make their way into the trees. Tiny caterpillars, leaves, and bites…the beginning of the 2022 Damaged Leaf Dataset (and all that is good, bad, creative, & ruinous in that).

Observing a Natural Disaster Unfold in Slow Motion

Forty years ago my grandmother would have scraped the newly hatched Spongy Moth caterpillars off her Oak trees and into a Folger’s can of turpentine. With some trepidation, I am not. In honor of the trees and their patience, these photos witness what will potentially be a natural disaster this summer (defoliation for a second […]

Return of the spongy moth

Looks like the damaged leaf dataset will continue to grow this summer…

Stereolithographic Printing in the FabLab

Here’s a video made by the student employees in the UVM FabLab; it shows the work they contributed to fabricating the sculptures in the exhibition, Liquid Architectures and Leaky Territories.

The Art in Artificial Interview Series!

At last! Click on the title below to access the first season of the Art in Artificial.

The Something Else Entirely (SEE) ArtScience Residency

After researching art/science collaborations and residencies in the US and Europe, I’m excited to share a summary of a proposal I’ve developed for an ArtScience residency in the US. I’m sharing just the bare bones here, but if this is something that interests you, we’re seeking support of those who could help us reach networks […]

Installation Shots from Liquid Architectures and Leaky Territories

There are so many people to thank for the great success of the first showing of Liquid Architectures. I’ll highlight the program here but also want to thank University Communications and particularly Bailey Beltramo, Ian Thomas Jansen-Lonnquist, and Josh Defibaugh for exhibition documentation.

Damaged Leaf Dataset

Update Feb 2022: Thank you to the College of Arts and Sciences at UVM for awarding us a Small Grant Award to photograph the leaves preserved for this dataset. Photography will begin in March 2022. Over the summer and fall of 2021, I closely observed the rapid life cycle of the Lymantria dispar, particularly its […]

Managing the Complexity of a Collaborative Generative Art Practice

Special shout out to my fellow-presenters and panelists at this year’s College Art Association Annual Conference! It was in inspiring display of innovative digital humanties projects, facilitated by forward-thinking librarians. Appraising Your Research as Data: Managing, Visualizing, and Preserving Your ScholarshipArt Libraries Society of North America2/19/22 Chairs: Kim Collins, Emory UniversityKate Cunningham, University of Buffalo […]

Exhibition Announcement: Liquid Architectures and Leaky Territories

WHAT:Art Exhibition and Opening Reception forLiquid Architectures and Leaky Territories WHO:Jenn Karson, Lecturer, Dept. of Art and Art HistoryArt + Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Group at UVM WHERE:Francis Colburn Gallery, Williams Hall, University of Vermont72 University Place, 3rd floor. WHEN: Opening Reception + Mini-Print GiveawayMonday 3/21Noon – 1pm307 Williams Hall, UVM Art + Machine Learning […]