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  • The Art in Artificial Interview Series!

    The Art in Artificial Interview Series!

    At last! Click on the title below to access the first season of the Art in Artificial.

  • Amay Kataria

    Amay’s pre-pandemic Figments series was prophetic. It anticipated the dynamics of our forced virtual relationships during the pandemic and a shared longing during many months of social isolation – a longing now so familiar I think we sometimes don’t notice it. – JK Figments Series (2018-2019) Figments of Attention – LinkFigments of Desire – LinkNest – Link Recents […]

  • Yuquin Sun

    What will the fossils of our digital age be? What form will they take? How will we be remembered thousands of years from now? Yuquin imagines how we might be remembered when our time on earth becomes prehistoric. -JK Would you share recommendations for other artists working in artificial life and generally curious people? 1. Book:The […]

  • Sam Meech

    The physicality of Sam’s video work is striking. Even in its digital form, it seems like something that can be touched. He turns light into an earthy clay. -JK Related Works and Resources Video in the Abyss –  thesis and works (including a chapter on ‘discovery’) Unstable Intermediated Forms – exhibition –  Unstable Intermediated Forms […]

  • Kevin Mack

    The next best thing to visiting Anandala is experiencing it in Virtual Reality. It’s a place that wouldn’t exist at all without Kevin’s masterful imagination, artistry, and technical skill. Anandala is a utopian universe that wants you (!) to bliss out. JK More about Anandala Recent works related to Anandala Voices of VR Podcast Interview […]

  • David Kadish

    David’s work challenges paradigms of what is natural, artificial, and intelligent. There are themes of call and response through out his work – literally in the sound gestures he creates and metaphorically in his approach to constant and deep questioning. – JK Related WorksVirtual Rowdy Krause – Pelee Point ( is part of a larger […]

  • Hendrik Richter

    Hendrik’s work shows us how the noticing of the tiniest of creatures can bring awe and provide a meaningful opportunity to recognize the miraculous. -JK References from Hendrik’s interview on ProteusTV Designing Color Symmetry in Stigmergic Art, Mathematics2021, 9(16), 1882; Wrong Colored Vermeer: Color-Symmetric Image Distortion Would you share five recommendations for other artists working with technology […]

  • 2022 | The Art in Artificial Interview Series

    2022 | The Art in Artificial Interview Series

    When the Vermont Complex Systems Center at the University of Vermont hosted  The Conference on Artificial Life: What Can Alife offer AI? it included a call for artists. The Art in Artificial is an interview series with some of these artists, conducted by Jenn Karson and students from the UVM Art + AI Research group. […]