2001 | Bad Ju Ju

From 1999 – 2002 Jenn was the lead vocalist, songwriter and band leader for Bad Ju Ju. The band performed in Burlington, Vermont at Club Metronome, Higher Ground, Red Square, South End Art Hop and Half Lounge. For most of the time the band was together they were working on this album.

Jenn Karson’s (solo) debut paints vivid images with its gorgeous sounding songs. Karson’s lyrics are aptly summed up by the song title “Dark and Quirky”. The opener “Isle Blue” has a lovely tune and tells a haunting tale. “Monster” has an amusing but scary image of unrequited love. Karson has plenty of great songs on offer. This is a very good record by a gifted artist.

Collected Sounds

…Back with a fresh, more laid-back sound than in her previous band, Karson seems at ease in her solo shoes….I can’t get over how commanding Karson’s vocals are, and she has stepped up to the plate with strong songs that match her performance.

Seven Days Newspaper

…a good record…local music nicely produced.

Burlington Free Press

Bad Ju Ju can be streamed on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud and more.

Band photos taken for the album. Pictured here Jenn Karson, Shawn Roberts, Aram Bedrosian, Gretchen Leisenring.
Photo credit: Don O’Connell.
Photo credits Matt Thorsen, Micheal Sipe, Don O’Connell.