Kevin Mack

The next best thing to visiting Anandala is experiencing it in Virtual Reality. It’s a place that wouldn’t exist at all without Kevin’s masterful imagination, artistry, and technical skill. Anandala is a utopian universe that wants you (!) to bliss out. JK

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Would you share five recommendations for other artists working with technology and generally curious people? 

Book Permutation City by Greg EganAwesome Science Fiction dealing with uploading consciousness, evolving artificial life, simulated worlds, and many of the associated philosophical issues.  

Food – Ghee! I’ve always liked butter, but I like Ghee even better and it’s good for you! 🙂  

Artist Website – The greatest most awesome and creative artist ever! My wife, Snow Mack!  

Song –  Shape Space by Ma and Pa Fringe
This is a theme song for my VR art that I wrote and recorded with my wife for fun. :-)There’s a few other songs there from when we had our band, The Fringe, back in the ’90s. 🙂   

Instructional website – When I started making art with technology there weren’t any books or classes and the internet didn’t even exist yet, so I got used to experimentation and harassing people who knew what I wanted to know. These days of course, I find all manner of great information and inspiration on the internet. I tend to seek out specific bits of information as I need them from all manner of sources that show up in a particular google search. The sites that come up most are those for the software I use most. Unity and Sidefx Houdini. Oh, and Entagma has some great Houdini tutorials.