Amay Kataria

Amay’s pre-pandemic Figments series was prophetic. It anticipated the dynamics of our forced virtual relationships during the pandemic and a shared longing during many months of social isolation – a longing now so familiar I think we sometimes don’t notice it. – JK

Figments Series (2018-2019)

Figments of Attention – Link
Figments of Desire – Link
Nest – Link

Recents Works (2020-onwards)

Momimsafe – Link
The Lost Passage – Link
Supersynthesis – Link

Stay in touch / social

Website: Link
Instagram: Link

Would you share five recommendations for other artists working with technology and generally curious people? 

Book, Podcast or film: Ghost in the Machine by Arthur Koestler, I am not your Negro by Raul Peck

Food or drink or some kind of nourishment/remedy: Homemade Acai Salad

Artist website:

Music or song: Bangles by Niraj Chag

5. Art/tech Instructional website, Github or App: