2011 | Released

Going to Waterbury: An Elegy was a a closing ceremony for Vermont’s Waterbury State Hospital. The “asylum” was permanently closed after flooding from Tropical Storm Irene in 2011 made it uninhabitable.

The site-specific sound installation Released was included in the ceremony and was created from original sound recordings made in the abandoned building.


Despite the damp decay
the security station intercom works.
Its switches clearly labeled North Corr., Bubble Office, Dining Room, Kitchen, Ground Activity…
We listen to the now abandoned rooms

they hiss back at us.

Despite corridors lined with door after door

hefty lock after hefty lock
this establishment no longer holds

We aim speakers out the windows
perch them on the rooftop
to avail, to release.

News coverage by Vermont Digger.

Going to Waterbury: An Elegy was directed by Vermont State Representative Tom Stevens and Kevin Rogers.