2008 |1500 Waters

The sound installation 1500 Waters was created for the group show Expanding in the Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery on the Stanford University campus.

1500 Waters is a study of abundance and scarcity. The project set out to document 1500 instances of water during the Summer of 2008. The recordings started in California on the Stanford campus during a time of forest fires and drought. That same summer recording continued in Vermont, a part of the country that was experiencing unusually heavy precipitation, some flooding and frequent thunderstorms.

The sound installation of 1500 Waters in the Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery projected sound through highly directional speakers; the sound reflected off high ceilings and around the room providing a wash of sound from multiple directions. Sensors on the floor triggered additional sound layers. The sonic experience of the installation was responsive to the movements and positions of gallery visitors, allowing for spontaneous compositions.