Sam Meech

The physicality of Sam’s video work is striking. Even in its digital form, it seems like something that can be touched. He turns light into an earthy clay. -JK

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References from Sam’s interview on ProteusTV

Would you share recommendations for other artists working in artificial life and generally curious people?

1.  Book,  Podcast or film:

Imaginary Advice podcast by poet Ross Sutherland. – An amazing variety of storytelling and performance experiments, and extremely funny. Ross has a background in computer programming and a lot of his work explores iterative strategies, loops, n+ rules, mise-en-abyme, and how computers understand human concepts such as ‘comedy’ etc.  Also, check out his film ‘Every Rendition on a Broken Machine’ about writing poetry with a computer –– it’s hilarious and profound.

2. Food or drink or some kind of nourishment/remedy!:

Hazelnut brown ale by Vox Populi microbrasserie, Montreal.   I love it even in the summer, but it is especially good to drink in autumn.

3. Artist website:

I love Raquel Meyers work. Raquel is an incredibly prolific Spanish illustrator, coder, animator, performer, designer, all made with old tech such as ataris, pescii and Teletext. Raquel is part of a wider community of Teletext artists that are not only keeping this old tech alive but evolving the visual language and tech application.

4. Music or song:

anything by composer Tom Rea Smith –  but particularly Nine-Voice Canon In C – Tom designed the sound for the version of VIDEO CULTURE that I shared with ALIFE – he makes music informed by evolving patterns, referencing classic and electronic genres. Listen with headphones too!

5. Art/tech Instructional website, Github or App

Waynes This and That

One person’s endless list of loves and interests all unpacked for you to try at home – almost the sum total of his knowledge – everything from making brownies to growing crystals. This reminds me of what was great about the internet from the start. Plus I love yellow and green text on a black background.