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New Architectures of Climate Change

Damaged Leaf Dataset Update September 7, 2022 A drought in VT prompted a Spongy Moth caterpillar outbreak. On our property in Colchester, VT, Oaks that lost their first set of leaves to hungry caterpillars generated a second set of leaves. Now the second generation of leaves is starting to fall, making evident the difference in […]

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Refoliation Continues. The Oaks Show Their Abundant Nature.

Damaged Leaf Dataset Update: July 15, 2022.

Getting Resourceful as the DLD Grows

When you have to move 1000s of pressed leaves into your closet, why not keep them pressed with the vintage guitar pedals and sound equipment that’s already stored there?

Back To The 3d-Printed Printing Press with the DLD

Printing with the Damaged Leaf Dataset

A Second Set of Leaves for the Oaks!

The Oaks show resiliance after loosing their first set to the Spongy Moth Caterpillar

The Damaged Leaf Dataset: Views From The Lightroom

Working with our first 1000 photographs of the Damaged Leaf Dataset.

Finished With The Oaks, They Move On To The Maples

Damaged Leaf Dataset Update

What Three Weeks of Collecting Looks Like

Peering into the travel trunk and hope chest where the damaged leaves are stored.

Staring Back At Us

Birds, sea creatures, dogs, fish!