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  • 2009 | Power + Ground, 2009

    2009 | Power + Ground, 2009

    Power and Ground explored methods of mapping, scoring and recording sounds of natures and cultures in San Francisco. Approximately 50 sites in the city were recorded while considering constellations of humans, machines, animals, the elements and money. …Gradually or suddenly, one sees that humanity and nature, not separate, are in this world together. John Cage,…

  • 2010 – 2017 | Sound and Listening Workshops

    2010 – 2017 | Sound and Listening Workshops

    SubAmbient SoundLabMapping Found SoundsSounds of the Earth, Sea and Sky SubAmbient SoundLab SubAmbient Sound refers to sounds discovered through excavation, sounds found below the surfaces of things and places. What seemed solid and fixed is revealed as changing, resonant and alive. The SubAmbient Sound Workshop provides opportunities for participants to engage with new pathways of…