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  • 2014 | Your Attention Please! Ignore This Message

    2014 | Your Attention Please! Ignore This Message

    “Continuity seems lacking in a wold full of separately conceived physical entities all competing for space and attention, all without concern for what is nearby, and masked by portals, links, and signs to someplace else.” Malcolm McCullough, Ambient Commons Your Attention Please! Ignore this Message is a reflection on how our sensory field often refers to…

  • 2013 | The Firehouse Bell Project

    2013 | The Firehouse Bell Project

    The Firehouse Bell Project was included in the exhibition User Required at Burlington City Arts Center, Burlington, VT, 2013. Curated by DJ Hellerman. The Firehouse Bell Project posed two questions: Should the Firehouse Bell ring again? If so, why should it ring? Selected Participant Responses: It should ring according to the moon cycle. Ring the bell…

  • 2008 – 2009 |The San Francisco Foghorns are Public Art

    2008 – 2009 |The San Francisco Foghorns are Public Art

    Public art presupposes the public sphere and produces a public in relation to that concept. Unlike popular or mass art, it does not assume a preexistent generic audience to be entertained or instructed but sets out to forge a specific public by means of an aesthetic interaction. Hilde Hein, Thinking Museums Differently The foghorns of…

  • 2010 | Scoring the Streets of New Orleans

    2010 | Scoring the Streets of New Orleans

    On New Year’s Eve 2004 I recorded while walking through the French Quarter and down Bourbon Street. The recording captured street music, music from bars and restaurants, and the boisterous crowds. The evening was welcoming in a year no one could have anticipated; in August 2005 Hurricane Katrina had a devastating impact on city of…

  • 2010 | Sounds of a Stone Home

    2010 | Sounds of a Stone Home

    Sounds of Stone Home was a site-specific sound installationthat explored the comings and goings of the creatures, people and things who have inhabited the stonequarries at Millstone Hill in Barre Town, Vermont. Installed as part of the group exhibition On the PlanetOn location at the stone quarries at Millstone Hill in Barre Town, Vermont. Presented by Studio…

  • 2009 | GreenLab

    2009 | GreenLab

    While a grad student at SFAI I was the teaching assistant for the SFAI Design + Technology course Green by Design taught by Paul Klein. Our class project GreenLab invited the SFAI Community to participate in two days of activities, workshops, and installations at different locations on campus. Student-artists in the course investigated and produced…

  • 1995-1999 | Zola Turn

    1995-1999 | Zola Turn

    Pure power pop with sensible lyrics and a standout sound. On the b-side is “Falling” – opening on a slinky guitar hook – balanced by Jennifer Karson’s alluring vocals – and slippery pop sense; the song ends in a guitar seizure – my favorite on the EP. Green Mountain Music Review, 1999Review of 3-song EP…

  • 2008 |1500 Waters

    2008 |1500 Waters

    The sound installation 1500 Waters was created for the group show Expanding in the Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery on the Stanford University campus. 1500 Waters is a study of abundance and scarcity. The project set out to document 1500 instances of water during the Summer of 2008. The recordings started in California on the Stanford campus during…

  • 2011 | Released

    2011 | Released

    Going to Waterbury: An Elegy was a a closing ceremony for Vermont’s Waterbury State Hospital. The “asylum” was permanently closed after flooding from Tropical Storm Irene in 2011 made it uninhabitable. The site-specific sound installation Released was included in the ceremony and was created from original sound recordings made in the abandoned building. Despite the…

  • 2016-2018 | Calls From The Dark

    2016-2018 | Calls From The Dark

    Calls from the Dark is a sound installation that explores the intoxicated longings of animals and machines; it was created to be played outside at night at the edge of the woods. Originally installed for the Illuminated Forest at Shelburne Farms in Shelburne, Vermont. Orb Song 3, 2018. Orb Song 2, 2018. Orb Song 1, 2018.

  • 2015 | Place Ravignan and Picasso at Montmartre

    2015 | Place Ravignan and Picasso at Montmartre

    Place Ravignan and Picasso at Montmartre were included in the exhibition Staring Back: The Creation and Legacy of Picasso’s Demoiselles d’Avignon. Curated by Janie Cohen and on view at the Fleming Museum of Art, Burlington, VT, February 3 – June 21, 2015 Place Ravignan In the process of creating these works, Karson staged and produced recordings,…