Category: Public Art

  • 2013 | The Firehouse Bell Project

    2013 | The Firehouse Bell Project

    The Firehouse Bell Project was included in the exhibition User Required at Burlington City Arts Center, Burlington, VT, 2013. Curated by DJ Hellerman. The Firehouse Bell Project posed two questions: Should the Firehouse Bell ring again? If so, why should it ring? Selected Participant Responses: It should ring according to the moon cycle. Ring the bell…

  • 2008 – 2009 |The San Francisco Foghorns are Public Art

    2008 – 2009 |The San Francisco Foghorns are Public Art

    Public art presupposes the public sphere and produces a public in relation to that concept. Unlike popular or mass art, it does not assume a preexistent generic audience to be entertained or instructed but sets out to forge a specific public by means of an aesthetic interaction. Hilde Hein, Thinking Museums Differently The foghorns of…

  • 2009 | GreenLab

    2009 | GreenLab

    While a grad student at SFAI I was the teaching assistant for the SFAI Design + Technology course Green by Design taught by Paul Klein. Our class project GreenLab invited the SFAI Community to participate in two days of activities, workshops, and installations at different locations on campus. Student-artists in the course investigated and produced…