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  • RoboLeaf at Haystack Labs 2022

    RoboLeaf at Haystack Labs 2022

    RoboLeaf imagines a tree that can protect itself from invasive insects like the spongy moth caterpillar and artificial intelligence that allows humans to share information with trees.

  • Return Of The Spongy Moth

    Return Of The Spongy Moth

    Looks like the damaged leaf dataset will continue to grow this summer…

  • Damaged Leaf Dataset

    Damaged Leaf Dataset

    Update Feb 2022: Thank you to the College of Arts and Sciences at UVM for awarding us a Small Grant Award to photograph the leaves preserved for this dataset. Photography will begin in March 2022. Over the summer and fall of 2021, I closely observed the rapid life cycle of the Lymantria dispar, particularly its […]

  • 2001 | Bad Ju Ju

    2001 | Bad Ju Ju

    From 1999 – 2002 Jenn was the lead vocalist, songwriter and band leader for Bad Ju Ju. The band performed in Burlington, Vermont at Club Metronome, Higher Ground, Red Square, South End Art Hop and Half Lounge. For most of the time the band was together they were working on this album. Jenn Karson’s (solo) […]

  • 2013 | The Firehouse Bell Project

    2013 | The Firehouse Bell Project

    The Firehouse Bell Project was included in the exhibition User Required at Burlington City Arts Center, Burlington, VT, 2013. Curated by DJ Hellerman. The Firehouse Bell Project posed two questions: Should the Firehouse Bell ring again? If so, why should it ring? Selected Participant Responses: It should ring according to the moon cycle. Ring the bell […]

  • 2010 | Sounds of a Stone Home

    2010 | Sounds of a Stone Home

    Sounds of Stone Home was a site-specific sound installationthat explored the comings and goings of the creatures, people and things who have inhabited the stonequarries at Millstone Hill in Barre Town, Vermont. Installed as part of the group exhibition On the PlanetOn location at the stone quarries at Millstone Hill in Barre Town, Vermont. Presented by Studio […]

  • New Forms

    New Forms

    This summer the ecosystem where I live has been disrupted by an unexpected explosion of gypsy moth caterpillars. In a matter of weeks their ferocious appetites defoliated the tallest and oldest trees in our neighborhood, dramatically changing the aesthetics of this place. Their cocoons and now dying moth bodies cover the trunks of these trees, […]