Introducing the Insuboratory Podcast

A Place for Art + Science Elixirs

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Insubordinate (defiant of authority; disobedient to orders)
Laboratory (a place equipped for experiment)

The Insuboratory is a podcast and videocast that explores the shared curiosities of international interdisciplinary artists and scientists. While avoiding jargon and esoteric references, the show welcomes a general public audience into conversations that challenge traditional science paradigms and embrace Avant-garde ideas of the Arts. Intermedia artist Jenn Karson hosts the show, Dani Agin is the show producer.

Featured artists work with innovative processes and systems, enjoy experiments, and work collaboratively. From an art history perspective, the show features artists whose work is grounded in Fluxus, artist-mapping and chance operations.

Featured scientists are from the physical, natural, and computer sciences.
Expect to hear about artificial intelligence, artificial life, ecological systems, natural history, new technologies, and everything in between.

Show Strucure:

Interview (video and audio versions)
What are you working on?
Guests are in groups of two or three. Interview questions focus on a particular project or area of the guests’ practice and research.

A Round of Imaginosis (game show)
Because life is an elixir of perception and imagination!
A spoof on the Rorschach test, A Round of Imaginosis features the Damaged Leaf Dataset instead of ink blots; guests are shown a series of damaged leaf images and then asked about what and how they perceive the image.

Gift Box Giveaway
All guests will receive special gift boxes in advance of their interview, including a pair of Insuboratory 3d glasses. Gift boxes are also sold to support the program.