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Artist Statement

In my work with datasets and machine learning, I aspire to the mathematical play of M.C. Escher, the rhizomic science of John Cage, and the poetry and kindness of Yoko Ono. The datasets I make are run through artist-authored, non-hierarchical, and computational systems to create artworks existing in and oscillating between sensual and computational worlds. In a time of political polarization and rapid technological change, these artworks join larger conversations about what we understand to be natural, how we determine what is right, and the systems and grids that structure our public and private lives.


Jenn Karson is an interdisciplinary artist, producer, curator, and educator. Her current work is focused on artist-made datasets.

At the University of Vermont, she is the director of the UVM Fablab and on the School of the Arts faculty. She founded and leads the UVM Art and Artificial Intelligence Research Group. In Vermont, she is known for founding the Burlington art, science, and technology group Vermont Makers and as a performing musician; In the late 1990s and early 2000s, she released two full-length albums and three EPs of original music with her band Bad Ju Ju and with the legendary all-female rock band, Zola Turn.

Karson received an MFA in Design and Technology with honors from the San Francisco Art Institute and a BA in Political and Environmental Sciences at the University of Vermont. 

Photo credit: Bailey Beltramo, 2022.


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