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  • The Second Falling of the Season

    The Second Falling of the Season

    Back to collecting for the Damaged Leaf Dataset! Leaves munched by #spongymoth caterpillars in #vermont are falling for a second time this year, and this time in full autumn colors. the first set of leaves fell in June and were mostly green.

  • So Small And So Hungry…

    So Small And So Hungry…

    So small and hungry! #spongymoth caterpillars make their way into the trees. Tiny caterpillars, leaves, and bites…the beginning of the 2022 Damaged Leaf Dataset (and all that is good, bad, creative, & ruinous in that).

  • New Forms

    New Forms

    This summer the ecosystem where I live has been disrupted by an unexpected explosion of gypsy moth caterpillars. In a matter of weeks their ferocious appetites defoliated the tallest and oldest trees in our neighborhood, dramatically changing the aesthetics of this place. Their cocoons and now dying moth bodies cover the trunks of these trees,…