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The Supreme Court Dataset

Because it’s time to rethink how this institution supports our democracy and the welfare of its citizens.

The Athena Dataset

The Athena dataset is the sound of bells ringing through a thick gray-green fog, an escape from the ignorance of visual fields, an obliteration of hierarchical trappings. It strips the tower down to its eight triangles and an octagon; elements of construction and deconstruction; a pile of wood; tree trunks; cells; atoms. It is a […]

Views from the lightroom

Working with our first 1000 photographs of the Damaged Leaf Dataset. With two different photo styles now tested and determined, the work is about how to organize this first batch of photos. Here’s a view from the lightroom:

Finished with Oaks, they move on to the Maples

Damaged Leaf Dataset Update Monday, June 20, 2022 Follow the Damaged Leaf Dataset project on Twitter.

What Three Weeks of Collecting Looks Like

This animated gif shows how many damaged leaves were collected and cleaned over the past three weeks. The leaves are pressed with bricks and stored in an old travel trunk. The leaves from the 2021 Spongy Moth outbreak are stored in a hope chest upstairs. Follow the Damaged Leaf Dataset on Twitter @vtmakers !

Staring Back At Us

When damaged leaves fall from trees infested with Spongy Moth caterpillars, they dry out quickly on the ground; the place looks scorched. The individual leaves look haunting, shriveled with wide-open mouths; birds, sea creatures, dogs, fish! These photographs are from earlier this week:

The Damaged Leaf Dataset Gets Some Local Limelight!

Here’s a link to the full story.

That’s not the sound of rain…

I didn’t want to believe it at first; I wanted to think it was the sound of the caterpillars munching or gentle summer rain. So while some of it may be leaf debris falling through the trees, the common understanding is that it is the sound of caterpillar poop falling through the trees.

The Beauty and the Horror Show of Collecting Damaged Leaves in Ken’s Labyrinth

Damaged Leaf Dataset Update June 14, 2022: It’s another morning of the Spongy Caterpillar outbreak in VT, and we (me and my feline friend Etta) are walking the labyrinth; exploring the majestic, the grotesque, and the completely hilarious. Ken’s landscape architecture projects.Check out our Airbnb! To receive regular updates, follow the Damaged Leaf Dataset project […]

Damaged Leaves Collected on a Typical Spongy-Month-Outbreak Morning

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