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The Damaged Leaf Dataset: Views From The Lightroom

Working with our first 1000 photographs of the Damaged Leaf Dataset.

The Supreme Court SCOTUS Dataset

It’s messed up.

Finished With The Oaks, They Move On To The Maples

Damaged Leaf Dataset Update

What Three Weeks of Collecting Looks Like

Peering into the travel trunk and hope chest where the damaged leaves are stored.

Staring Back At Us

Birds, sea creatures, dogs, fish!

The Damaged Leaf Dataset Gets Some Local Limelight!

Seven Days Newspaper Story

That’s Not The Sound Of Rain…

I wanted to think it was the sound of the caterpillars munching.

The Beauty And The Horror Show Of Collecting Damaged Leaves in Ken’s Labyrinth

Damaged Leaf Dataset Update

Damaged Leaves Collected On A Typical Spongy-Month-Outbreak Morning

Damaged Leaf Dataset Update

How We Press the Leaves for the Damaged Leaf Dataset

With Syd Culbert!