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The Beauty And The Horror Show Of Collecting Damaged Leaves in Ken’s Labyrinth

Damaged Leaf Dataset Update

Damaged Leaves Collected On A Typical Spongy-Month-Outbreak Morning

Damaged Leaf Dataset Update

How We Press the Leaves for the Damaged Leaf Dataset

With Syd Culbert!

Our Photography Setup For The Damaged Leaf Dataset

Damaged Leaf Dataset Update

RoboLeaf at Haystack Labs 2022

RoboLeaf imagines a tree that can protect itself from invasive insects like the spongy moth caterpillar and artificial intelligence that allows humans to share information with trees.

Making (And Giving Away) Tiny Prints of the Athena Dataset

Below are notes on how the Athena Dataset was pictured using a mini 3D printed printing press. Invoices for materials are shared for those interested in working with the press. Making mini prints with this 3d-printed printing press from Open Press. Printed in ABS. Tools used to make these original monotypes include a 3d printer, […]

So Small And So Hungry…

So small and hungry! #spongymoth caterpillars make their way into the trees. Tiny caterpillars, leaves, and bites…the beginning of the 2022 Damaged Leaf Dataset (and all that is good, bad, creative, & ruinous in that).

Return Of The Spongy Moth

Looks like the damaged leaf dataset will continue to grow this summer…

Making Liquid Architectures with the Athena Dataset

Here’s a video made by the student employees in the UVM FabLab; it shows the work they contributed to fabricating the sculptures in the exhibition, Liquid Architectures and Leaky Territories.

The Art in Artificial Interview Series!

At last! Click on the title below to access the first season of the Art in Artificial.